How to Export your data from Xiaomi devices

How to Export your data from Xiaomi devices

Quite often the Xiaomi Fit App (or the Huami / Amazfit / Zepp branded variants) for devices like the Xiaomi Band and GTS/GTR watches do not display your weight evolution, steps or sleep cycles the way you want them to. And even if you like the interface, you can't graph multiple variables to export them. What's the solution? Export everything to a CSV and visualise it with a tool like Anaconda (or sign up to our service and let us run the analysis for you).

Step 1: Open your App and click on the Profile icon in the bottom right

Step 2: Scroll down to find "Settings" below the visible part of the screen

Step 3: Click on Settings

Step 4: Click on "Personal Information and Account Privacy"

Step 5: Scroll down and click on "Export Data". Be careful not to click the "Clear Data" or "Delete Account" options

Step 6: Click OK in the bottom of the screen

Step 7. Select the data categories you are interested in. We recommend exporting them all, since they are delivered to you in different CSV files.

Step 8. Select date range

Step 9. Enter your email and the verification code in the captcha

Step 10: Confirm data export is in progress

Step 11. Check your email, it normally takes only a few minutes. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't arrive and you need to repeat the process.

Step 12: Login using the Xiaomi, Huami or Google account you used to register.

Step 13: Click on the download link, remember to save the code to unzip the file in the next step

Step 14: Unzip with the password you've been provided in the previous step

If you are a pilot participant, you can then send it to SecretaryBot by clicking on the clip to attach the file and the arrow to send. SecretaryBot will then automatically include it in your next report.