Foodlogbot reporting for duty

Foodlogbot reporting for duty
Photo by Rock'n Roll Monkey / Unsplash
“Actions such as his could come only from a robot, or from a very honorable and decent human being. But you see, you can’t differentiate between a robot and the very best of humans.”‌‌― Isaac Asimov, I, Robot

Foodlogbot's responsibility is to help you log you eat & drink. You interact with your Foodlogbot by sending him direct messages with photos of what you eat and drink, plus a very short text description of what it is & and estimated quantity.

Foodlogbot uses your food & drink pics and descriptions to create a log that is used to complement your other data, specially the Continuous Glucose Monitor data.

Correlating the food & drink log with the Continuous Glucose Monitor data allows you, and our Health Coaches, to see how your food & drink affects not only your Metabolism but also other areas of your life: from Sleep, to exercise and even Stress. Food & Drink logging has also additionally surprising benefits that you can read more about in this post.

Additionally, your Kognitas Health Coach will use the food & drink log as part of the data to build your personalised report and draw recommendations and prepare your Coaching session. But that is only the beginning, soon we will provide you with options to track how close you are following the objectives you set with your nutritionist, and provide real time feedback on how the food you are about to eat impacts you.

If you have not already, you can start interacting with Foodlogbot by adding it to your Telegram here.

What to log and what to skip?

You should log everything you eat or drink except plain water and unsweetened tea or coffee.

Remember that the more you log your food & drink, more will you learn about your metabolism, and the better the insights & recommendations will be!

How to take a "good enough" pic?

Foodlogbot will try to process any photos you send, but you can reduce the chances of information being lost or misclassified by

  1. Holding the camera steady and focusing on the plate to avoid blurriness
  2. Turning on the light if needed so the details of the food and drink can be seen and are not too dark
  3. Framing the picture from the top at a slight angle so you can see most of the details of the food or drink (eg ingredients, brand of drink, etc)
  4. Occupying the majority of the photo with the food or drink
  5. Capture one item at a time; a single drink, a single plate, a single sandwich (don't worry about sending multiple photos per meal)

Now, we also don't want to the experience of logging to be a bore to you, so if you are having a meal which is a main dish plus a drink free and you can frame the whole deal with good resolution, in good lighting go for it!

Adding a small text goes a long way...

Adding a text caption to your photo goes a long way in giving us extra information to help us give you more insight on your eating patters, metabolism response, etc...

The caption can be quite small and should not take you long to type. The sort of information we are looking for is:

  • Type of item: sandwich, main, drink, snack
  • Food or drink type: Water, Tea, Soft drink brand, meal Recipe or major ingredients
  • Portion & quantity information: large/medium/small plate, bowl or glass, number of pieces, etc...

Some examples of small captions are:

  • "Large cod & chips with a glass of beer";
  • "Banana with a yogurt";
  • "3 big slices of Pizza & a can of Coke";
  • "5 squares of Milk chocolate";
  • "Big tub on cookies & cream ice cream".

Nothing too big of descriptive, just something small & quick that can give extra information to help us derive the best insights and dietary recommendations for you.

What if I you forget to log?

No problem!

If you completely forgot and did not even take a picture just send a message to Foodlogbot with the description of what you eat or drank and at what day/time you had it (no need to be precise to the minute on the time).

If you did take the pictures send it to Foodlogbot with the caption.

For example the text could be: "Caesar salad with water on 15/09/2022" or "Cookie 10min ago".

Please don't slack!

We know that at times logging your food will be a drag, but remember that the more info we have the best service we can give you, so please don't slack on Foodlogbot... plus... he will probably be hurt and might message you if you don't pay proper attention to him :)

Foodlogbot is still a prototype... help us upgrade him!

Foodlogbot is in beta version and we very much appreciate your feedback on how to make him better for you!