Why log what you eat & drink?

Why log what you eat & drink?
Photo by Eaters Collective / Unsplash
"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance." -Nathaniel Brandon

The full power of Brandon's words is not grasped initially, by reading, it has to be felt. As I myself have experienced, becoming aware of what you eat and drink comes with very surprising benefits, and sometimes horror...

A well known fact is that diet & nutrition are a major determinant of health and overall wellbeing. Even knowing this, if you were to ask the average Joe, he will tell you that he eats healthy (most of the times). The truth would make old Joe uncomfortable...

Behavioural scientists will tell you, there is a gap between what we perceive is our diet, and what we actually consume. This comes at a high price, and often serves as the biggest deterrent to diet change and the benefits it brings. After all, if we are already eating healthy, why change?

The good news is that, as with many things in life, reality can break through bias swiftly, if we are prepared to accept it (kudos to Brandon).

The easiest way to become aware of what you eat and drink nowadays is to just snap photos. Sure, it is a bit of a pain, but let me tell you, you will be surprised with what you find, and do, when you do it!

Here's a list of things you can expect to learn, and do, when you log your food and drink:

  1. You realise your "I only drink a [insert soft drink] a day", or "I only eat Pizza once a month" are gross understatements;
  2. You snack way more often than you realise;
  3. You begin to stop and think before you actually eat or drink something;
  4. You become aware of the actually frequency, duration and consistency of your meal schedule;
  5. You start noticing how you feel before, and after, your meals;
  6. Plus all the other things you will notice which are particular to you, your context, etc

It is not unusual to find yourself losing a couple of kilos as a result of "merely" becoming aware of what you eat and drink (from "apparently" making no change at all)

More important, in knowledge of what you actually eat and drink, how often or fast you eat,  you can make concrete changes that will improve your diet habits. These can often be small steps that compound towards great outcomes over time: 1 less soft drink a day, eating slower, reducing mindless snacking, eating pizza once a month (for real), etc...

As with many things, nothing beats experiencing it. Activate your own to start logging and learning from your food & drink consumption today.